SEF Class of 2019

Commencing study 2019


Dylan Petherick

University of Auckland
Degree: BCom/BE (Hons)
Mentor: Warren Law
Buddy: Dylan Bai (Dilworth Old Boy)
Dylan is always focused on helping others in all things he does. Through degrees in both Commerce and Engineering this is a key focus for him.

Dylan has gained Excellence endorsements in both NCEA Level 1 and 2 and has been noted to be in the top 5% of the Year 13 cohort academically in 2018.

During the summer break 2016-2017, Dylan was an intern at Manco Environment Ltd. In this position, he experienced several key engineering components which will help him with his future career aspirations.

Dylan has held several leadership roles during his time at Dilworth; as House Prefect in Year 12, and Vice-Captain 1st XI Cricket in 2018.

Dylan is passionate about sports. He has been a team member of the Dilworth’s 1st XI Football, 1st XI Cricket and 1st XI Hockey teams.

Since entering Dilworth in Year 5, Dylan has competed in over 100 swimming competitions – training an average of 10 hours a week. During these competitions he has gained outstanding results including 6th place in New Zealand for 50 metre Butterfly. Dylan has also been named Dilworth’s Swimming Champion every year since starting at the school.

Giving back is incredibly important to Dylan and he has already given back to Dilworth by tutoring NCEA Level 1 Mathematics to students in 2017. He also gives back to the wider community, having volunteered for School Aid, Circus Quirkus and the Laura Fergusson Trust. His work at the Laura Fergusson Trust particularly, has equipped Dylan with skills such as updating and maintaining databases, and reception work.

Outside of Dilworth, Dylan has also taken part in Spirit of Adventure and Massey Business Bootcamp, which has reiterated to Dylan that perseverance is crucial in life inside and outside of the school grounds.


Guneesh Jubal
Proxime Accessit 2018

University of Auckland
Degree: BCom/LLB
Mentor: Tim Bunker
Buddy: Enoch Sun (Dilworth Old Boy)

Guneesh has chosen to study Law and Business as he finds both business centred and social studies classes enjoyable and hopes that this conjoint pathway willcombine both of his interests. Guneesh has an exceptional academic record, gaining Excellence endorsements in NCEA Level 1 and 2, and several Excellence subject endorsements. This is a credit to Guneesh’s will to succeed and his work ethic.

Guneesh has held several leadership positions over his time at Dilworth including Deputy House Prefect 2017, for which he was awarded the Nic Cutfield Cup for Excellent Leadership within the House 2017, and was a Prefect in 2018.

Guneesh enjoys basketball, football, personal exercise and music, having played the guitar for three years.

Guneesh has a life motto – “He aha te mea nui o te ao. He tangata, he tangata, he tangata” – “what is the most important thing in the world? It is the people, it is the people, it is the people”. This Maori proverb resonates with Guneesh. Guneesh says that Dilworth taught him the importance of people as individuals and how the boys he boarded with began as strangers and are now family.

Giving to others is a huge part of Guneesh’s life and has helped to makes him who he is today. This is evidenced by his involvement in School Aid, as well as volunteering as a buddy at the Visually Impaired Persons (VIP) camp.

Regarding his role in School Aid, this enabled Guneesh to further spark an interest for business as part of this role is to learn about investments, with dividends being used for charitable purposes.

Guneesh states that his most valued achievement is being a buddy for the VIP camp. He said during his time at the camp, helping a group of boys his own age who were visually impaired, showed Guneesh how lucky he is. This achievement was fulfilling to Guneesh in a way that his academic achievements couldn’t satisfy. To say that this experience was an achievement is an understatement. It was life changing.


Hunter Sutter

University of Auckland
Degree: BA
Mentor: Ian Redshaw
Buddy: Michael Fisher (Dilworth Old Boy)

Hunter has chosen to study a Bachelor of Commerce. Hunter is extremely passionate about business in New Zealand and wants to see changes in the future that will see business celebrated in the same way we celebrate our sporting culture, acknowledging our business culture and success. We have incredible New Zealanders as heads of world-wide billion-dollar businesses but we fail to recognise them and give credit to their successes. Through Hunter’s future work in the commercial world, he wants young people to recognise New Zealand’s success in the world of business and the amazing places it can take you.

Hunter recognises that thinking critically, analytically and willingly, skills that he has learned from his time at Dilworth and through life, will be paramount to his success in the world of business.

Hunter is a Trustee for the School Aid Charity, which is a board comprised of 16 gifted Dilworth commerce students who have a passion for community service. They learn about investments and financial planning, expanding their business knowledge while raising funds to help others.

While Hunter is heavily involved in many Dilworth activities he still finds time to be involved in external activities such as being an Ambassador for both UN Youth and Crimson Education. Hunter’s commitment to young people can be shown through the Rona Hira Award that he won in 2017 for service to young people.

One of Hunter’s achievements will however live on at Dilworth, and that is the Dilworth Speakers Programme that Hunter created in 2018. Hunter’s vision was to inspire Dilworth students by inviting inspirational, insightful speakers into school to help Dilworth students be inspired to achieve extraordinary things.

Hunter has gone a step further in his business ventures by individually approaching and speaking to some of New Zealand’s leaders such as Sir John Key, Sir Bill English, and the Governor General, Dame Patsy Reddy. They have given Hunter personalised advice and information surrounding business in New Zealand and global affairs. Hunter has also received letters from Queen Elizabeth II and the Prince of Wales about the topic of leadership in the modern world. This has only fuelled Hunters passion for pursuing a career in business.


Jonathan Haydon

University of Auckland
Degree: BCom
Mentor: Andy Kilgallon
Buddy: Daniel Lee/Calvin Lee (Dilworth Old Boys)

Jonathon (Jonny) is studying a Bachelor of Commerce. Jonny hopes this degree will enable him to pursue a career on a business pathway.

Jonny measures his progress at Dilworth academically as being a major achievement in his life, from beginning as an average student to then being a merit to excellence student in Level 1 and 2, to now being awarded with the Dean’s Award for being within the top six students in Year 13/NCEA Level 3 academically. Jonny is well on his way to achieving NCEA Level 3 with an Excellence endorsement

Jonny has flourished at Dilworth. While he comes from a small blood related family, through Dilworth he has gained a new brotherhood. Jonny has become a role model for Dilworth boys, being a House Prefect in 2017.

Jonny aims to give back to Dilworth by continuing to become a good and useful citizen. Jonny has volunteered on behalf of Dilworth in the Visually Impaired Persons (VIP) Camp, where he guided visually impaired young adults over a weekend. This experience taught him the importance of gratitude and being grateful for everything he has in life.

Jonny is passionate about maintaining a healthy life style which he achieves through following a healthy diet and working out in the gym.

Jonny’s interests include music and design. He also currently runs an online branded clothing business with a friend.


Joshua Rolston

University of Auckland
Degree: BSc/BCom
Mentor: Cody Carnachan (Dilworth Old Boy)
Buddy: Indivar Kumar (Dilworth Old Boy)

Joshua (Josh) is studying a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Auckland, where he intends to focus on biology and gain a greater understanding of the evolution of life and how it could be developed in the future. Josh intends to discover or create something through science that will be of benefit to others and can make life better for someone or something.

Josh has had the opportunity to sail on the Spirit of Adventure and attend the Hillary Outdoors Education Centre. Before he commenced university he attended Outward Bound. These programmes have all pushed Josh outside of his comfort zone and help him to develop him personal leadership skills.

Josh is a keen sportsman. He was a member of the 1st XI Football and Hockey teams. Through sports he has learned the vital skills of resilience, communication and persistence.

Josh uses the same perseverance and determination he exhibits in the sporting realm in his academics. Josh gained 1st in Year 12 (2017) for both Applied Mathematics and Photography. Alongside these results, he has also achieved NCEA Level 1 and 2 with Merit endorsements.


Samuel Michie

University of Auckland
Degree: BSc
Mentor: Luke Sniewski
Buddy: Thomas Swinburn (Dilworth Old Boy)

Samuel (Sam) decided upon leaving school to take a gap year in Ireland in 2018. He was offered a placement at the Royal School Dungannon where he coached sports. Outside of the school he played sports at a club level independently.

Sam returned to Auckland at the end of 2018 to start his tertiary studies in 2019. He has considered a career involved with high performance sport or human anatomy and how it effects performance and has chosen his field of study to support this path. Sam is very passionate about sports – particularly tennis and football, and wants to have a career where he is doing what he loves.

Sam has a dedicated work ethic, not only to his sporting commitments but also to his academic pursuits. Sam was named as a Top Scholar in both 2016 and 2017 during his last two years at Dilworth and his excellent sporting achievements include him being named top player for 1st XI Football and Captain of both the top Tennis and Squash teams. Through his role as Captain, Sam was able to share his passion for these sports and led the younger boys to pursue their sporting goals.

Sam has also shown his dedication in the workplace, holding his first job in hospitality for two years during the school year. He has also worked for a painting company every school holidays for the last three years.

Sam is driven to achieve not only excellence individually but also within a team. This skill of working for a common purpose will be a life skill that will aid Sam in his future endeavours.