SEF Class of 2017

commenced study 2017

Calvin Lee
Head Boy 2016

University of Auckland
Degree: BCom/BA
Mentor: Kaison Chang
Buddy: Te Wai Coulston

Calvin is studying a BCom/BA conjoint at the University of Auckland, majoring in Marketing, Economics, International Business and Psychology. At this stage he is keen to pursue a career in business consulting or business management.

He may consider a career in professional football if the right opportunity arises overseas. Calvin played football for the New Zealand U19s and at Premier club level. He has been successful over a number of sporting codes and was the Athletics champion at Dilworth in his last three years at school.

He is also an accomplished musician achieving Distinction in the Grade 8 Trinity College of London examinations for saxophone and clarinet and he has been a member of the New Zealand Youth Concert Band.

Calvin works within the SEF programme acting as a Buddy for Joel one of the first year students who is also studying a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Auckland.

Calvin was Head Boy at Dilworth in 2016 and is a high-achiever in all aspects of his life. He is also extremely personable. Calvin is an outstanding young man as evidenced by the number of awards he received when he left Dilworth.


  • PwC Scholarship

  • Fuji Xerox Next Generation Leaders Scholarship

  • University of Auckland Academic Potential Scholarship

SEF Work Experience

  • 2017 PwC

Casey van der Star

AUT University
Degree: BBus/BA
Mentor: Brent Westein (Dilworth Old Boy)
Buddy: Liam Bates

Casey is a hard worker and achieves a significant amount beyond his academic life. He is currently working part-time for Vocus Communications in their legal department and he returns to Dilworth to tutor students across a range of subjects.

Casey is attending AUT University where he is studying HR Management, Employment Relations and Psychology in a BBus/BA conjoint.

At this stage, Casey thinks he would like to work for a company in the construction industry or commercial real estate when he graduates.

Casey works within the SEF programme acting as a Buddy for Anthony one of the first year students who is also studying a Bachelor of Business at AUT University.

SEF Work Experience

  • 2017 Matrix Security

Daniel Haig

University of Auckland
Degree: BCom/BA
Mentor: Graeme Clark / Edward McKnight (Dilworth Old Boy)
Buddy: Arthur Pan (Dilworth Old Boy)

Sponsor: Idonea Investments

Daniel is studying a BCom/BA conjoint at the University of Auckland. He hopes to major in Economics and Sociology. He aims to end up in a job that he is passionate about, will enjoy, and that gives back to society in a positive way.

During 2016, Daniel was a Sports Gap Student at Whitgift School in London, and had the opportunity to travel to 13 countries, an experience that he learnt a lot from.

Daniel thoroughly enjoyed the five weeks he spent with the Sustainable Business Network and he made a great contribution to the Million Metres Streams project helping to improve NZ’s water quality. He was a great role model for SEF and learnt a lot during his time on this project.

SEF Work Experience

  • 2017 Sustainable Business Network

Daniel Lee
Prefect 2016

University of Auckland
Degree: BCom
Mentor: Nigel Staples
Buddy: Isaac Ah Kuoi-Atmore

Daniel is studying a BCom at the University of Auckland, majoring in Economics, International Business and Marketing. He would like to pursue a career in entrepreneurship or professional photography or a combination of both.

Daniel is a very competent “all-rounder.” He is very bright and has a wide range of interests in both sport and arts.

He plays in the University of Auckland premier basketball team and was an Auckland provincial basketball player. He plays the trumpet and has achieved Trinity College London Grade 8 and he was awarded honours for his time at the New Zealand Youth Concert Band.

Daniel is also a talented photographer and has a freelance photography business specializing in event, portrait, concert and fashion photography and he was named the winner of the New Zealand Fashion Week Photography Competition in 2017. It would seem that his career in entrepreneurship and photography is off to a great start!

Daniel’s talents were recognized when he left school in the outstanding scholarships that he awarded as noted below.


  • PwC Scholarship

  • University of Auckland’s Top Achiever Scholarship

SEF Work Experience

  • 2017 MyAgent

Dylan Bai
Deputy Head Boy 2016

University of Auckland
Degree: BE (Hons) Civil/BCom
Mentor: Erik van den Top
Buddy: AJ Evile (Dilworth Old Boy)

Dylan is studying a BE (Hons)/B Com at the University of Auckland, specialising in Civil Engineering and Finance. He chose Engineering because he loves maths and physics and hopes to work as a Professional Engineer once he graduates. He has also added a commerce degree to his busy workload as he has an interest in finance which may well give him an edge when he is seeking employment once he graduates.

Dylan enjoys life as a university student. He plays the trumpet and enjoys running.

Dylan is a very bright, talented and highly motivated young man. He has demonstrated an excellent work ethic in the two part time jobs that he has had over the past few years. He has worked his way up the ladder at Nando’s in the city and has established himself as a reliable, trustworthy and able part-time employee.

He has recently started working part-time at Urban Partners and he has quickly become a popular member of the team as he is extremely personable and diligent. Dylan uses his earnings to help support himself in his university studies.


  • University of Auckland Top Achiever Scholarship

  • NZQA Outstanding Scholar Award

SEF Work Experience

  • 2017 Beca

Enoch Sun

University of Auckland
Degree: BCom/LLB
Mentor: David Morris
Buddy: John Paki

Sponsor: Whillans Realty

Enoch is studying a BCom/LLB conjoint majoring in Finance and Economics at the University of Auckland. In the future he would like to work within the legal department of a corporate. Eventually he would like to invest in his own company.

Enoch is a talented musician who was a member of Fortissimo, Dilworth’s senior choir for three years, as well as playing both violin and piano. He is currently a member of the Auckland Youth Choir. He also plays table tennis, tennis and swims.

Enoch is a tutor at Dilworth and enjoys giving back to his old school. He is also mentoring law students who are studying law in the year behind him.

He is a highly accomplished and intelligent young man.

SEF Work Experience

  • 2017 NZ Funds

  • 2018 Cressida Capital

Henry To’ofohe

University of Auckland
Degree: BNurs
Mentor: Vincent Su'a
Buddy: Matthew Clay

Henry is studying a BNurs at the University of Auckland, majoring in Population Health. He hopes to work in community health and he has a special interest in the Pacifica  community in South Auckland.

Henry is a delightful young man with many interests and skills. He plays clarinet at Grade 8 level and has volunteered for charity events including Relay for Life, Walking with Stars and Poverty Cycle. He plays in his Church band and he has a part-time job at Cotton-On.

SEF Work Experience

  • 2017 Auckland District Health Board

Jamie Chen
Proxime Accessit 2016

University of Auckland
Degree: BE (Hons)
Mentor: Andrew Long
Buddy: Jack Robertson (Dilworth Old Boy)

Sponsor: Haydn Staples

Jamie is studying a BE (Hons) in Engineering Science at the University of Auckland. He is interested in Engineering because he is very proficient with numbers and would love to use problem solving skills to help others.

Jamie is very bright and topped Calculus, Physics and Economics in his final year at Dilworth in 2016. He was Proxime Accessit at Dilworth in that year and Jamie continues to be highly motivated and very hard working.

Jamie works within the SEF programme acting as a Buddy for Tommy one of the first\ year students who is also studying a Bachelor of Engineering at the University of Auckland.

In his spare time he plays the piano and enjoys lawn bowls. Jamie is also a practical young man who has developed a love for cooking – he has become a very proficient cook in his flat.

He also works part-time tutoring students at Dilworth in science, maths and economics – a job he enjoys and does very well. Jamie spent part of the university holidays working in the Tru Test factory where he demonstrated a great work ethic.

SEF Work Experience

  • 2017 Beca

Michael Fisher

University of Auckland
Degree: BCom/BProp
Mentor: Bill Hale/Haydn Staples
Buddy: James Petherick (Dilworth Old Boy)

Michael is studying a BCom/BProp at the University of Auckland.

Michael enjoys playing basketball and is entrepreneurial in spirit having run his own clothing business in the past.

Michael is a member of the Auckland Law and Economics Society and is a regular attendee at Velocity – the entrepreneurial and innovation club at university.

Michael is keen to complete his Chartered Accountancy qualification once he graduates and may combine these skills within a job in the property sector – it would seem that the world is his oyster!

Michael is currently working part-time at JLL, an international property company having shadowed one of their Executives. He very much enjoys this work and is able to relate it to his studies.


  • PwC Scholarship

SEF Work Experience

  • 2018 JLL

Ryan Parkinson

University of Auckland
Degree: BSc/BMus
Mentor: Dr Karen Bishop
Buddy: Jonathan Dunlop

Sponsor: Idonea Investments

Ryan is a gifted pianist and has played at a high level from a very young age.

Ryan is studying a Bachelor of Music in Classical Performance at the University of Auckland where he is also studying a BSc in Pharmacology. He has chosen the field of pharmacology, as one of his lifelong dreams is to find cures for multiple illnesses. Ryan is also an accomplished singer who represented Dilworth in many singing competitions.

He is about to start studying a Certificate of Language in Chinese as he thinks that this would give him another “string to his bow”!

Ryan works within the SEF programme acting as a Buddy for Indivar one of the first year students who is also studying a Bachelor of Science at the University of Auckland.

He demonstrated his diligence whilst working in the university holidays in the regulatory department at Douglas Pharmaceuticals. He learnt a lot, some of which he will be able to apply in his studies.

SEF Work Experience

  • 2017 Douglas Pharmaceuticals

Simi Fukava

University of Auckland
Degree: BCom/BSc
Mentor: Michael Crowcroft (Dilworth Old Boy)
Buddy: Ross Shillito

Simi is studying a BCom/BSc majoring in Marketing, Psychology and Maths at the University of Auckland. With these combined study areas he will be able to communicate more easily with consumers.

As the only Niuean student applying for an SEF Scholarship he is proudly representing his culture and proving that stereotypes can be broken.

Simi is a brilliant musician, playing guitar and singing as well as supporting other boys. He is very proud of his family and of the friendships that he has made while at Dilworth.

He has spent several weeks working at Prominence, a marketing agency which was a fantastic experience and will benefit him in his studies and in his future career.

SEF Work Experience

  • 2017/2018 Prominence