Welcome to Staples Education Foundation

Staples Education Foundation is a tertiary scholarship programme established in 2015. It was created to assist academically talented Year 13 Students intending to study a tertiary qualification.  The scholarship was designed to help recipients transition from school to university, the key objectives being:

  • To achieve a tertiary qualification

  • To get a job (ultimately securing full-time employment in a career of choice)

  • To give back to society

Our Story

On 26th February 2015, 130 guests joined the Urban Partners team to celebrate the launch of their new brand. During the presentation, Haydn Staples, Managing Director Urban Partners, delighted the audience with a surprise announcement that a $1 million fund was being established to support Dilworth School, an institution that Urban Partners has an affinity with – one that has moved with the times yet continues to take a long-term, pragmatic approach to achieving outstanding results. This fund would be used to help selected students as they transition from secondary school, into the world of tertiary education and then into employment.

So was born the Staples Education Foundation.

Dilworth was opened in 1906 and has educated generations of boys whose circumstances meant they needed a helping hand in life. Dilworth has been educating boys of straitened circumstances for over a hundred years. Entrepreneur, philanthropist and co-founder of Urban Partners, Haydn Staples’s affinity for Dilworth’s approach has led him to provide additional support for the students from ‘beyond the green gates’ of Dilworth.

“I was made aware of an opportunity to complement the outstanding education that Dilworth gives its students by facilitating their tertiary education once they leave the supportive environment of Dilworth. Students needed a helping hand through the rigours of the outside world to make the best of their Dilworth education. The gap that the Staples Education Foundation (SEF) fills is as a specialist organisation dedicated solely to enabling high achieving Dilworth student graduates to get a tertiary education, a job and to give back to Dilworth."

In 2015 SEF currently recruited eight students in total. All Students are provided with the support of a Buddy for 1 year (to help them navigate their first year of university) and a mentor for 3 years. They all receive continued support and development through a programme of workshops relevant to their needs. Additionally four Students received support with their fees over a 3 years period plus accommodation costs for their first year in a university Hall of Residence. SEF plan to grant eight similar Scholarships each year so that within three years the SEF Family will have grown to twenty four Scholarship winners plus their buddies and mentors.

"It is a privilege to give a hand to deserving young students. The feedback from participants in the SEF for this our pilot year has been outstanding and I am committed to ensuring the SEF is set up to endure and stand the test of time.”

Currently SEF is working with Dilworth School while setting up the programme but in the future hope to expand this programme to other schools as well.

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