SEF Class of 2020

Commencing study 2020


Harrison Dudley-Rode
Head Boy 2018

University of Auckland
Degree: BE (Hons) – Proposed area of study
Harrison is planning on enrolling in a Bachelor of Engineering and specialising in Bio Medical Engineering. Harrison hopes one day to create innovative technology to help Paralympians pursue their sporting dreams.

Harrison has always been a passionate sportsman whose passion has produced outstanding results, which includes being part of Dilworth’s 1st XV Rugby team.\

Harrison was Head Boy at Dilworth. Within this role Harrison has learnt that your leadership style must be flexible and dependent on the group you are leading. This skill of adaptability that he has developed will lend nicely to a career in engineering, as engineering is never set in stone and is rapidly changing and advancing.

Harrison achieved Excellence endorsements in NCEA Levels 1 (2016) and 2 (2017) and achieved an Excellence endorsement in Level 3 before commencing his external exams.

Harrison is a vital member of the School Aid Group at Dilworth. As a trustee of this board, Harrison has learnt about the stock market and investing a real fund of money. This Group puts forth proposals to buy shares and dedicates the profits made from the investments to fund projects in Africa to help poor school children.

Harrison has had several part time jobs since 2015, including; general labour and landscaping, being a farm hand, warehouse assistant and most recently grounds maintenance at Dilworth.

Harrison has volunteered in several charity events such as Relay for Life, Walking Stars, Mother’s Day charity runs, 40-hour-famine, and raising $1,200 for Auckland City Mission as a charity project with friends. However, closest to Harrison’s heart is his role during the AIG Family fun day, where Harrison helped children by teaching them rugby skills.


Liam Ottley
Deputy Head Boy 2018
Dux 2018

University of Auckland
Degree: BE (Hons) – proposed area of study

Liam intends to start a Bachelor of Engineering in 2020. At this stage he is keen to major in Software Engineering.

In 2019, Liam is taking a gap year in Scotland where he will be a tutor at Stewart’s Melville College. While there he intends to make the most of his holiday breaks by travelling around Europe as well as continuing to hone his skills in App and Web development.

Liam is exceptionally hard working and driven. No challenge is too demanding due to his highly organised work ethic. In Liam’s eyes, anything can be achieved!

Liam has been a real asset to the Dilworth community as can be seen by his record of cultural achievements – being part of Dilworth choirs for many years. Liam has also achieved both his Grade 6 and 8 musical theatre examination with Distinction.

Liam’s most impressive sporting achievements include being named top senior champion for both Cross Country and Athletics.

Liam has also achieved incredible academic results – gaining NCEA Scholarship for Classics while in Year 12 and Excellence for NCEA Level 1 and 2.

At the end of 2017 Liam commenced a Summer Internship at Shine Communications – a marketing agency. Liam learnt many skills and made a number of connections during his internship which will help him in the future.

Volunteer work is a passion of Liam’s. Liam has been involved in a number of charity events from Walking Stars, Circus Quirkus, School Aid, Music at Elizabeth Knox Rest Home and as an academic tutor and mentor at Dilworth. Giving back to Dilworth, a school which has shaped Liam, is always at the forefront of his actions.


Shaan Johari

University of Auckland
Degree: BAS – proposed area of study

Shaan is incredibly artistic and creative. These skills have given him a passion for architectural design. Shaan finds the use of space intriguing and exciting, often pondering how he can transform and utilise a space to create a beautiful work of art.

Shaan is a perfectionist who enjoys problem-solving related activities which he finds are strongly connected with architecture and design. This skill has enabled Shaan to gain 1st in the subject Design and Visual Communications at Dilworth for the last three years, as well as 1st place in Art in 2017.

Shaan has achieved both NCEA Level 1 and 2 with Excellence. Shaan recognises it is thanks to Dilworth that he has achieved so highly.

In Shaan’s roles as Deputy House Prefect in 2017 and Prefect in 2018 he has learnt that a strong team is filled with a diverse group of individuals. With diversity comes different perspectives which add new perspectives to tackling situations, which Shaan recognises as incredibly valuable.

Shaan has a huge drive to give back both to his school and community. Through his role on the Dilworth Interact Team he was part of several community volunteering initiatives including 40 hour Famine, Relay for Life and Walking Stars. Through these opportunities Shaan has learnt that one of the true joys of life is giving back to his community.

Shaan has a strong connection to Dilworth, and one day wishes to financially give back. With his bright future and passion, it is highly likely this will become a reality.

Shaan’s is taking a gap year in 2019 where he will be a tutor at Campbell College in Belfast. During this time Shaan will venture to Spain during the holidays to continue to enhance his Spanish speaking.