SEF Class of 2016

commenced study 2016

Ah Vui (AJ) Evile

University of Auckland
Degree: BE (Hons)
Mentor: Matt Patten
Buddy: Jack Robertson (Dilworth Old Boy)

Ah Vui (AJ) is studying towards his Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) at the University of Auckland, specialising in Bio-Medical Engineering. In his spare time, he has been a Rugby player, weightlifter and  loves playing guitar. He has also recently taken up boxing.

“My favourite thing about uni is probably being able to meet so many people from different backgrounds, not just my own. I really like the new friends that I've made this year, and since we all have the same goals, we're able to work hard, push each other and generally just kick back.”

AJ is very community minded and likes to support other students where possible. He was a Buddy for one of the first year Engineering Students in 2017 as part of the Staples Education Foundation programme and he was also a mentor for one of University of Auckland’s first year Tuakana Engineering students.

Ben Fisher
Dux 2015

AUT University
Degree: BCIS - Computer Science and Software Development
Graduated: December 2018
Mentor: Joel Wiapo (Dilworth Old Boy)
Buddy: Chris Sequeira

Ben studied a Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences at AUT University with a double major in Computer Science and Software Development graduating in December 2018.

He was Dux of Dilworth School in his final year and his high level of academic achievement was recognised when he was awarded one of the highly coveted AUT University Scholarships.

Ben is exceptionally bright and delightful with it! He loves gaming and reading, and would love to be of help to any future scholarship recipients.


  • AUT University Scholarship

SEF Work Experience

  • 2018 Red Vespa

Caleb Jale

University of Auckland
Degree: BCom/BSc
Mentor: Aaron Bethune (Dilworth Old Boy)
Buddy: Elijah Tutini

Caleb is studying a conjoint BCom/BSc majoring in Accounting and Exercise Science at the University of Auckland. He made this choice because he has had a life- long passion for sport, and he enjoyed and was successful at accounting whilst at school. He is very hard working and has achieved excellent results throughout his degree so far.

When he finishes university, Caleb hopes to become a chartered accountant working for one of the top accounting firms. His favourite thing about university is the opportunity to meet so many new people, many of them from his social basketball team.

Caleb is a tutor at Dilworth, mainly in Accounting for Level 2 NCEA students and he also volunteers every week for an organisation called Idea Services who support adults with intellectual disabilities. Suffice to say Caleb has a big heart and has started “giving back” to his community at a young age.

SEF Work Experience

  • 2017 PwC


Liam Jacobson
Deputy Head Boy 2015
Proxime Accessit 2015

University of Auckland
Degree: BCom/BA
Mentor: Haydn Staples
Buddy: Joshua Walker (Dilworth Old Boy)

Liam is studying a BCom/BA at the University of Auckland, with a special interest in Entrepreneurship.

Liam was a stand-out student at Dilworth which was recognised in his final year when he was made a Deputy Head Boy and he was awarded Proxime Accesit of Dilworth at his final prize-giving.

Liam loves acting and is also a talented sportsman in both hockey and squash.

To help finance his studies, Liam works in digital marketing for Solute Digital and he has spent some time at Shine – an advertising agency. Liam is currently heavily involved in Poetry/Spoken word and performs frequently in various theatres around Auckland. He has also performed abroad. His favourite thing about going to university has been meeting people from all over New Zealand.

SEF Work Experience

  • 2017 Auckland Art Gallery

Lorenzo Fauolo
Prefect 2015

University of Auckland
Degree: BA/LLB
Mentor: Graeme Clark
Buddy: Paul Ketu’u (Dilworth Old Boy)

Lorenzo is studying towards an LLB at the University of Auckland. He hopes to be a practicing lawyer. He is a strong athlete, in rugby and athletics and was in the Dilworth 1st XV.

Lorenzo was supported in his first year at University by his Buddy Paul Ketu‘u, ex Dilworth Head Boy and is mentored by Graeme Clark, in-house counsel for Cressida Capital and Urban Partners.

Lorenzo has enjoyed meeting new people at university but still finds time to go back to Dilworth and help with tutoring and supporting the rugby players. Lorenzo is also involved in a community project helping youth in Thames on the Coromandel Coast.

Nick Wong

University of Auckland
Degree: BSc
Mentor: Manu Dawber (Dilworth Old Boy)
Buddy: Platon Loukoianov (Dilworth Old Boy)

Nick is studying towards a BSc majoring in Computer Science at the University of Auckland. Nick is passionate about all things computers, and has loved meeting others with similar interests in his course.

He is a tutor at Dilworth and enjoys giving back to his old school and in his spare time he enjoys playing badminton and his guitar.

He hopes to pursue a career in programming.

Nick is currently working part-time at Urban Partners and has become an invaluable member of the accounts team.

SEF Work Experience

  • 2017/2018 Urban Partners

Rommel Jeorge Layco

University of Auckland
Degree: BCom/BProp
Mentor: Peter Bowden (Dilworth Old Boy)
Buddy: James Petherick (Dilworth Old Boy)

Rommel is studying a BCom/BProp at the University of Auckland. He is currently planning to major in Information systems and Operations and Supply Change Management.  However this may change as his studies progress and this semester he has really enjoyed his Business Analysis subjects so is keen to pursue this area of study also.

Rommel loves all kinds of sports, playing saxophone and also reading. He is a member of the Filipino Club and the University of Auckland Basketball Club. His favourite thing about university is the new friends he is making and the atmosphere for learning.

SEF Work Experience

  • 2017 Red Vespa

Ryan Morton

University of Auckland
Degree: BSc
Mentor: Cody Carnachan (Dilworth Old Boy)
Buddy: Mario Flavall (Dilworth Old Boy)

Ryan is studying a BSc, majoring in Computer Science and Information Systems at the University of Auckland and hopes to use his degree somewhere within the IT

Ryan is a very “well-rounded” young man. He enjoys rock climbing and football. He was a member of the Dilworth String Orchestra, and has always had a passion for computers. He enjoys the wide range of course options at University and is a member of the University of Auckland Badminton Club.

He also “gives-back” to his old school by returning to tutor some of the Dilworth students in a variety of NCEA subjects.

SEF Work Experience

  • 2017 Red Vespa