Dilworth Tertiary Scholarship Programme

2015 was the Staples Education Foundation’s (SEF) first year offering support and guidance to worthy Dilworth Students through our wrap around programme. The Trust Board and Executive Team have worked together to create what we believe is a first class programme to support Year 13 Students transitioning into university study in accordance with our objectives and values.

A number of scholarships are awarded per annum to high achieving school leavers studying at an Auckland university. Many may receive financial assistance through the SEF programme. Generally we look for students studying in the area of Business or Property associated degrees but sometimes we find a fantastic student that sits outside this area whom we choose to support.

A SEF Scholarship offers holistic support to the Students by matching them with Mentors and Buddies as well as ongoing training through the Support and Development Programme. In turn the Mentors and Buddies are also upskilled so that they might best support the students.


A Mentor is a role model in the student's aspired field who can provide guidance and inspiration to help them get there. They form a relationship lasting the length of the scholarship and beyond and help with the student's professional and personal development.



Buddies are a second or third year student at the SEF recipient's university pursuing a similar course of study. They meet regularly throughout the first year of the programme and aid the recipient in the transition from school to university life. Buddies also receive financial assistance for their studies.


Work Experience

Students will be placed in at least two weeks of relevant work experience in their chosen field. This may be paid or unpaid, but will give the students some real life experience and networking opportunities.



SEF is grateful for the support of our partners who help our programme by providing office, meeting and workshop spaces as well as assisting with professional support. The Urban Partners and Cressida Capital Teams are always happy to spend time with the SEF Students and many have become Mentors for our Students. Dilworth Trust Board are very supportive of the work SEF is doing with so many of their Old Boys and see SEF as an important part of the school community.


The SEF Programme is truly inspirational and aspirational. All students receive support from mentors and buddies, work experience placements within the industry of their choice, and a support and development programme targeted at each year group. In addition to this, in September 2017 we launched a Mentee Assistance Programme (MAP) overseen by a Clinical Psychologist to enable our programme to provide professional psychological assistance if there is a need.

Sponsorship of our students is one way of making a difference to a student's life. Sponsorship can be tagged to a student or, depending on the donor’s preferences, can be linked to a specific part of the programme and/or just assist the operation of our programme. SEF can tailor sponsorship to meet your needs and the extent of your contribution.

Currently SEF have sponsors who support our students and buddies, and while they appreciate being acknowledged through our website and newsletters, their true satisfaction is gained from being a part of a student’s growth. We would welcome you to learn more about becoming a sponsor by clicking on the box below.

Support & Development

Support and Development workshops will be run for students periodically. These workshops will cover a variety of personal development and employment skills such as CV writing and interview skills.


Our Objectives

SEF has three key objectives for our programme. These are:

  • To achieve a tertiary qualification

  • To get a job (ultimately securing full-time employment in a career of choice)

  • To give back to society

Our Values

SEF has identified the values for our programme. These are:


  • Clear focus on shared goals

  • Achieve a tertiary qualification

  • Get a job

  • Give back to society


  • Acceptance of responsibility for self

  • Challenge and empower the students to take on the mantle of self-directed learning and responsibility for change and personal growth


  • Honest feedback

  • Emotionally honest relationships with everyone in the SEF family

Aim High

  • Work hard and smart

  • Set goals and create strategies to create the best chance of success

Our Students

In 2015, our Inaugural Year, SEF recruited 8 Year 13 Dilworth Students. These Students commenced their university studies in 2016 at either The University of Auckland or AUT University.

In 2016 and 2017 SEF recruited a further 19 Year 13 Students who commenced study in 2017 or 2018.

It is SEF's intention to offer up to 8 scholarships to per study year. Recruitment commences in August each year.

Our Alumni

At the end of the 3 year scholarship programme our SEF Students move into the SEF Alumni Programme.

In 2019 we will welcome our first intake of Alumni.